Bevel Modifier Workaround

Results of using this tip:

What you see is a cube of eight vertices with beautiful round corners – a “non-destructive bevel”.

It is mentioned on the blender website that there are discussions of adding a “bevel” modifier to the modifier stack. This really useful modifier will allow for nice realistic rounded edges without changing the original geometry. Until that get’s implemented there is a little trick I figured out how to achieve such an effect with the current version of blender.

Basically, you apply two “Subsurf” modifiers on top of each other. On the first one you click the “Catmull-Clark” option and change it to “Simple Subdiv.”. Your modifiers should look something like this:

By adjusting the levels of the first modifier, you can adjust the width of the bevel, and with the second modifier you can adjust the smoothness. Also don’t forget to “Set Smooth” for nicer results.